ExpertsDirect Pro Bono Service

The provision of an admissible and reliable expert witness report can often decide the success of a contested matter and the ability to adduce such evidence is costly, and can often be a barrier to pursuing justice.

In partnership with the National Pro Bono Centre, in 2018, ExpertsDirect launched a service for pro bono and community lawyers, connecting them with professionals who are willing to provide expert witness services for free or at low cost in legal cases assisting those experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation.

ExpertsDirect provide access to our panel and staff including our expert hunters, quality assurance team and case managers on a completely pro bono basis.

If you are a lawyer needing a free or low-cost expert witness service in a pro bono or community legal matter, you can now apply to ExpertsDirect Pro Bono for assistance.

If you are an expert and can help us accelerate our efforts, we’d like to hear from you.

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