Scaffolding Expert Witness

Expert Requested:

An insurance lawyer acting for the defendant required a Construction Expert to provide an independent opinion on the scaffolding installed at a construction site; specifically, whether it was installed correctly and complied with Australian Standards.

The plaintiff in the proceedings suffered a fall and claimed that the scaffolding at the site was faulty and insufficient.


Expert Retained:

We provided a Construction Expert with over 30 years of experience in the Construction and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) industries. The expert had extensive experience as a scaffolder and safety officer and has been involved in a broad range of construction projects.

Importantly, the expert is committee member of BD/93 – AS 6001, the Australian Standard for scaffolding with particular application to housing construction. He is also a committee member of ME/5/16 – AS 1418.16 – the Australian standard for climbing work platforms.

As an experienced expert witness, the expert has provided expert opinion on numerous construction accident and worksite disputes, including insurance claims and OH&S matters. The expert currently runs a consultancy service dispensing advice on the establishment and maintenance of OH&S procedures on worksites.

Scaffolding Accident Expert Witness
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