Research & Development Taxation Expert Witness

Expert Requested:

An insurance lawyer required a Technical Business Analyst with web application development experience. Specifically, our client sought an independent opinion from an Information Technology (IT) Expert with extensive experience as both a Developer and Project Manager (PM).

The expert was required to assess a software in development and determine whether it is an acceptable base to meet the project budget and expectations. The expert also had to review the scope of works and the many changes it underwent during the process of development.


Expert Retained:

We provided an IT Expert with over 30 years of industry experience. The expert is the CEO of a technology consulting firm providing consulting services to government clients in systems development.

The expert also has extensive expert witness experience relating to software system development, project management, and application development. The expert’s experience includes investigating defects in web development software, troubleshooting software coding, and project management of large complex technology systems.

Research & Development Taxation Expert Witness
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