Photogrammetry Expert Witness

Expert Requested:

Our client was acting for an individual who had been fined for removing a number of trees from their property without permission. The council had claimed that the trees were over 30 feet high and as a result the fine was significant. Our client’s case was that the trees were below 30 feet.

Evidence was then required regarding the height of the trees before they were removed. However, the trees had already been cut so the height of the trees had to be calculated by the stumps and the aerial photographs taken before the trees were removed.

Our client sought our advice in determining the type of expert who could assist.

Expert Retained:

From extensive past experience in identifying the most appropriate areas of expertise, we determined that a Photogrammetry Expert was required.

Photogrammetry is the science of obtaining reliable information about physical objects in the environment through process of reporting, measuring and interpreting photographic images.

The expert’s specialties included 3D modelling, as well as analysing aerial photography. After obtaining an aerial photograph of the house from months earlier, when the trees were still erect, the expert was able to provide an expert opinion on the height of the trees.

The expert’s evidence was crucial in determining that the trees were all under 30 feet.

Photogrammetry Expert Witness
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