International Meat Export Expert Witness

Expert Requested:

Our client was acting for the insurer in a matter concerning a consignment of goat carcasses exported internationally. The consignment was rejected by a Canadian inspection agency as it was reported that there was goat hair found on the meat product.

The company that prepared and packed the consignment alleged that photographs of the goat carcasses showed goat bristles – which were not in breach of the Canadian regulations – and not goat hair.

An expert was required to review photographs of the consignment of goat carcasses and to prepare a report on whether the photographs depicted goat bristles or goat hair.

Our client consulted numerous organisations for comment, including national agricultural and meat export companies, but none of them were able to assist.

Due to the complexity of the matter, our client sought our advice in determining the type of expert who could assist.


Expert Retained:

We provided a Bovine and Meat Export Expert with many decades of experience in meat trade and transport. The expert’s specialisation included goat purchasing and processing and the expert has been the Manager/Director of a large company involved in distribution and stock control of goat livestock.

The expert had been involved in goat shipments outside of Australia for both goat skin on and skin off products since the 1970s and was integral in developing the goat meat transport industry in Australia.

International Meat Export Expert Witness
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