Air Conditioning Fire Expert Witness

Expert Requested:

An insurance-lawyer required a Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in cooling systems and air conditioners to comment on what caused an air conditioning system fire. The expert was also required to determine whether the cool room contractor’s actions contributed to the incident.

The cool room – where the air conditioner was installed – failed to maintain a constant temperature. The contractor in charge of the cool room opted to increase the cooling system’s defrost duration cycle instead of identifying the issue with the heating elements and replacing them.

Expert Retained:

We retained a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering consultancy. The expert’s experience includes designing hospital air conditioning systems and investigating HVAC equipment failure.

The expert is an accredited National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Assessor and holds a Master of Engineering in HVAC systems.

The expert has previously been retained as an expert witness on matters concerning air conditioning systems and has deep knowledge of many different cooling system technologies.

The expert’s evidence assisted in the court’s decision that replacing the faulty heating elements was the correct course of action to prevent the fire accident.

Air Conditioning Fire Insurance Expert Witness
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